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english has become the most taught foreign language in the entire world. There is such a high demand for english teachers because many students, living in other parts of the world, are wanting to learn the language, sometimes for interest, but mostly for careers. english speaking countries, like the united states, are experiencing increased migration from Latin American countries, and also many countries in Asia such as india, vietnam, Korea, and china. Many immigrants decide to reside in the united states in order to attend American schools or in order gain careers working in information technologies, which there is a high demand for. english becoming a global language can be very beneficial for businesses and scientists because greater communication will occur between companies and scientists across borders. People can work together to solve some of the world's greatest problems such as global warming or overpopulation. However, english becoming a global language says much about our global dynamics. Why is that english is becoming the global language instead of any other language. Is it a coincidence that english is becoming global because of colonization or exploitation abroad? If english becomes global are more valued, what happens to other languages? english may be beneficial for businesses but only because it is more valued, and if english becomes valued over other languages, different linguistic art forms will be lost. If english becomes the dominant language of our world, then fields such as science and technology will strive greatly. The common language will make communication much easier between all kinds of people. There may be fewer misunderstandings between people and less negative confrontations. However, why english? Why is english becoming the dominant language over others? For centuries, the english speaking world has dominated over many parts of the Americas, Oceania, parts of Africa, and parts of Asia. Under english-speaking rule, people were taught that english is far superior to that of other languages. In the Americas, American-indians were whipped for speaking english. In parts of Asia, especially india, people could not get jobs if they did not speak english. Today, companies need the education and intelligence of other countries in advanced fields of work such as Information Technology. American ITC firms are popping up all over Asia. Managers would prefer to higher people who spoke english. ITC firms in the united states are also demanding workers from other countries to speak english. Many mexican-Americans cannot even receive jobs in the united states without being able to speak english. Another problem with english becoming the global language is the problem with artistic expression. Is global literature going to become english literature? If so, artists would only be able to express themselves within the linguistic limitations of english. The world would miss out on so much beautiful literature and poetry. I do not think that english will become the global language anytime soon, especially because there are many more people who speak chinese and many people who speak spanish. I also do not think that others will give up their own language in pursuit of english. However, I do believe that instead of english becoming the global language there should be an exchange between languages. People should try to learn the languages of other countries as well, instead of assuming that others will learn theirs.