Teach English in Dazhou-shi

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Teach English in Tiansheng Zhen, Dazhou Shi
This unit focuses mainly on tests, more specifically the different types of tests available and what they are for, international exams and the corresponding levels and the different kinds of syllabus
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Teach English in Tianxing Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In this unit is about course development and consist in: - Level testing and needs analysis: - Level testing; - Level descriptions ( Starter, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate) - Needs analysis; - Limiting factors: - Employer; - Time constraints; - Resources; - Cultural issues; - Students
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Teach English in Tiekuang Zhen, Dazhou Shi
It was good to learn about the different types of testing available, and how each test serve a specific purpose to assist the teacher in gathering information about the students before, during or at the end of a syllabus
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Teach English in Wanjia Zhen, Dazhou Shi
The content of this unit is course development for young learners , starting with level and needs analysis testing, to help the teacher form groups and create a preliminary syllabus
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Teach English in Wenchong Zhen, Dazhou Shi
Firstly i have learned about the many different language levels children may hold and what kinds of tests need to be used in order to place them in certain levels and groups
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Teach English in Wumu Zhen, Dazhou Shi
In this unit on course development, I learned about the various stages of course development from needs analysis to limiting factors, syllabus design, and assessment of students
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Teach English in Xiaba Zhen, Dazhou Shi
To teacher young learners teacher needs to prepared the syllabus also needs to give the revision in the long-term syllabus, before start the lesson for the student, also need to check the level of the student and prepare right material in different group
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